Management and Leadership Development

Most businesses spend time and money on training their staff and some invest in their long term development; fewer unfortunately really get to grips with what they learn or need to know outside of any training programme, and fewer still possess the skills to make learning enjoyable, effective and performance-enhancing. The bottom line is that most SMEs don’t really know what they get for their money!

What we offer:

  • A survey of attitudes to learning, training and development. This is a free service carried out by an expert in this field and you get a report summarising the findings and providing you with a range of action options, each with their own cost/benefit profile.
  • A tailored programme that gives your managers the skills and techniques to promote learning and make learning a part of your organisation’s culture. These skills, once acquired, mean that you shouldn’t need to rely on any more external advice and support, at least in the short to medium term.
  • A focused programme of skills building skills needed now and for the future. SMEs need to increase their productivity and a skills enhancement programme is one way to achieve this. We don’t create these skills for you (although we can design the training programmes for you if you want) we show you how to do it yourselves and we identify the opportunities you have to do this.
  • A detailed review of your current training practices and systems so that you will know what is working and what isn’t; what is useful and what isn’t. You can start saving money by stopping wasting it. This will help you make better investment decisions in the way you develop your people.

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