“Judy has been a fantastic partner in the business transformation we’ve undertaken over the last nearly three years. When I took over as first time Managing Director nearly three years back, and set out the very ambitious vision of doubling the turnover of the business whilst improving profitability in a three year time frame whilst at the same time making it an exciting and great place to work, I looked to Judy for support on the HR journey. Judy’s contributions include:

  1. Helping me on my learning curve as first time MD.
  2. Always being honest and being there.
  3. Proactively challenging business structures and suggesting changes that improved performance and helped team working.
  4. Managing some very complex disciplinary and performance issues that were bottlenecks to our growth.
  5. Once the necessary restructuring was done, helping in recruitment to ensure the right fit of new employees with the values that we wanted in the business.
  6. Helping develop programmes for development and growth of the teams to ensure that we met our business objectives.
  7. Working directly with Head Office of the Group company that we are part of in helping build HR systems like PMS etc.

The end result is that we are well on track to hitting our three year business vision and at the same time have developed a highly motivated work place with a great buzz!

For me personally, Judy was a key pillar in my learning in my new role as MD. I have found her to be extremely committed, diligent, always caring about the business and very honest. Once agreed that the business needs to go from Point A to Point B, Judy has always managed to come up with the HR solution to get the business there. Judy is an outstanding professional and we’ve developed a fantastic professional relationship over the years. I couldn’t recommend Judy highly enough to any SME organisation that wants to grow in a sustainable way.”
Anand Rangaswamy, Managing Director, Godrej UK Ltd

“Judy worked extremely closely with us to become one of our team and to understand our business for a full hands on approach, always challenging us to look at different perspectives, and then delivering excellent advice.

We would recommend Judy to any business that requires outstanding, prompt, accurate and personal HR advice, without having the overhead of employing a HR professional.”
Sarah Selwood, PA to the Directors, Godrej UK Ltd

“I worked with Judy at a difficult time for the company. We had a lot of personnel issues that had not been addressed and a major restructuring of the business was required. We spent time discussing all the problems and I proposed my ideal structure moving forward. Judy then came up with the methods and timeline to make the significant changes happen seamlessly, taking into account that everything had to be done in a legal, and moral way.

The plan was executed brilliantly with Judy attending all the sessions and handling the restructuring professionally and sensitively.

I would recommend any SME to have Judy available for any HR advice as she is a straight talking, honest professional who makes things happen.”
Colin Williams, Managing Director, a Beauty and Personal Care Company

“Judy is an action-oriented, focused HR professional. She and I worked in partnership on learning and development for all the employees in the UK. She never lost sight of her customers’ needs, worked tirelessly on the details, and delivered on all projects. I would highly recommend her, and would say she is an asset to any team on which she is part!”
Kim Mallonn, Learning and Development Professional, Design, Development, Facilitation of Leadership, Sales & Team Building Programs